How to do Fake HDR


HDR is short for High Dynamic Range. This is when you take multiple exposure of a scene and put them together and blend them to get the best in Dynamic range.

If you even taken a photo indoor during the day time the windows are always white(blown out). This because the camera is exposing for indoors there for over exposing for outside.  With HDR photography by taking 2 photos, one exposed for the outside and one for the inside then combining them to get the best of both worlds. As you can imagine HDR is used a lot in high end real estate photography work.

On the lighter note HDR is also used artistically to enhanced photos. Taking normal bland photos and creating more of painting like look to them. I have been messing around with this concept for a bit and it’s fun to do every once in a while.

If you have Photoshop it’s actually pretty easy to do. There’s plenty of tutorials out there but the I think this one I found is the easiest to do and looks the best.

Have fun. Bellow are some photos I edit in normal way and then with the fake HDR edit.

As you can see some looks better than other. I find that cloudy grey days looks much better with this edit.