Kayak Mothership with Capt. Jimmy Nelson Part 2

About a month ago I managed to do a second trip with Jimmy Nelson, host of Extreme Fishing Adventures TV show.

This time we only brought one kayak;  We had kingfish on our minds so the plan was to troll until we found the kings, once found put the kayak in and try to hook up.  Everything went according to plan, we had a great day on the water.


I showed up to the marina with these shady characters




Getting the boats loaded



This is the worst part of every trip





We started the day by trolling some Yo-Zuri Crystal minnows in a area Jimmy said would hold kings.  The hookups were instant.


Mike T hooked up!






The kayak went in the water


Mike T and his king


Mike Wior and his shark right before getting in the kayak

We decided to drop some Hooker flutter jigs down and ended up catching some nice fish

Mike W got a nice gag on his first drop


And a monster right before we left


Cameron and his best gag of the trip via the flutter jig