More Dry Tortuga Photos and Red Fly #5 tournament fishing, HDR look


Tom and I fished the Red Fly #5 this past Saturday. I have to say the fishing could not have been much worst than it was. If sustain 20 knot winds wasn’t bad enough, we had total cloud cover and the tides were 3′ higher than normal.  Since we were fly fishing and needed to sight fish, we struggled to find any kind of clean water. Finding clean water was next to impossible with out running around all over the bay. White capping seas and high winds running around in a skiff was  was not in the cards.

We decided to blind cast pot holes to try and get lucky which only resulted in a small trout. The next plan was to go up the river to find some protection from the elements. This yielded one cat fish and a 10lb Tarpon. The tarpon was a nice catch on a clouser fly indeed. However being a red fish tournament it did not quite count.

When the rain and lightning storm started to loom we decided it wasn’t worth it and pack it in early at around 1:30pm. Better to fish another day. I did find out we were not the only one struggling that day. They told me that no one caught a redfish on fly that day. Well at least that made me feel a little better about our lack of success.

The weekend end with a Pro Tarpon Tournament captain’s meeting party down in Charlotte Harbor.  BTW: you will see some of my photos in a couple of the shirts and advertisements this year. Once I get the info I will put the link up.

Mean while I had the chance to go over more of the Dry Tortuga photos and apply more creative edits to them. Many are high contrasts, saturated HDR look.

Photo note: These are not real HDR(multiple exposure combined to make one exposure). This is what you call fake HDR when you take one exposure and do the adjustments and get an HDR look to them. I will post something this week so you can do the same in Photoshop. It is pretty easy really.

Speaking of HDR. IF you want to do some real HDR here is an awesome tutorial:

Tripod 30 second Exposure:

Sandy’s Cuban Cafe.. awesome coffee and sandwiches. One of the few places in the keys that is open early enough for fisherman. Relatively inexpensive as well.

Panoramic shot on the Sony Nex-5