His first Love.. a new Kayak Angler Addicts Report and my quick Vid review of The Adios Kayak

My good friend Kapers has been a wade fisherman since growing up here in St.Petersburg, FL. He recently starting getting into kayak angling and through the HCKAClub, he has learned a wealth of kayak angling knowledge.

Kapers has been hiring kayak guides to learn how to fish different areas and target fish other than redfish. Well a few weeks back he called me to join him on a trip with PhatFish Kayak Charters Guide Derik Burgos to catch what he had never seen in person….The Linesider aka Snook.

We also had the chance to paddle the “Adios” by Diablo Paddlesports

Diablo Paddlesports

here is a quick review ( 1st part)I did, to give you my insight about this Kayak.

Also here is a report as  a virgin who had his snook cherry popped would write 🙂

My First by: Kapers

My First. I’m sure you all remember your 1st. Your 1st Kiss your 1st love, your 1st car, your 1st Kayak. The list could go on and on. But I’m here to talk about my 1st. I haven’t had alot of time to fish lately this thing called life has kept me off of the water and from doing what most of us here love to do and that’s fish. Yet again I found myself contemplating on where to go. I knew where to go if i wanted to get on red fish or trout. But my heart longed for the young lady that’s affectionately known as a line sider aka Snook.

In my 25 plus years of fishing all across Florida I have yet to have 1 of those young ladies grace me with a bite. I knew if I wanted to have a close encounter I 1st needed to learn how to woo , tempt and catch the eye of young lady that so many are after. I knew i needed to bring my A game. Which apparently I did not possess. So I reached out to Derick Burgos of Phatfish Kayak Charters with the hopes of learning the skills to lure the prize that I have sought after for so many years. I heard he knew what it took to lure such a beauty our way.   He agreed to take me out and teach me his ways.

We arrived out our destination around 7am on April 17th. It was an out going tide the water temps and weather were perfect.  We launched the Diablo kayaks and swiftly arrived at the spot that may be holding fish. After some brief coaching  As instructed i cast my line with excitement towards the mangroves. As the lure hit the water all i heard was “nope” reel it in and try again. Cast to the mangroves  I was instructed to do…And i simply replied if I cast any closer Im going to get hung up on the branches. “If you’ve never gotten hung up before then you’ve never fished the mangroves”  I was told. I mumbled underneath breath and let out a sigh and cast towards the mangroves. Just like i predicted in the bush my lure went. I retrieved the lure back and was instructed to do it again. This occurred 3 more times and each  time I got the same response “ again” .

I felt like the karate kid and Derick was Mr. Miagi. On the 4th cast the lure gently landed in the water just under the mangroves. “Now you’ve learned how to control casting distance and lure placement” . Thank God for polarized shades because if he couldve seen the look in my eyes , lol.. Cast after cast my lure hit the so called “sweet spot” and i worked it as instructed. Still mumbling under my breath “I know how to fish “ Then out of nowhere zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Yup just that long. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol. My heart started racing with excitement with the hopes that this was the prize I’ve so longed for. As the fish exited the water shaking her head leap after leap , I wanted to scream with excitement. But i opted to giggle like a little girl. Within minutes she was landed and safely in my hands.  This was repeated a few more times but I just couldn’t manage to get them to the Diablo, but it was still an amazing trip.

I learned 2 things that day. 1) how to fish for snook in the mangroves 2) instruction is needed sometimes in life whether we like it or not there is always something to be learned from another. To some of you catching snook on a regular basis is the norm. But for me she was my 1st and i will never forget that. I end this by Thanking an amazing guide Derick Burgos and to the members of the Hardcore Kayak Anglers Club for allowing me the opportunity to learn from you.

Here are a few photos taken by Adrian (Dayumson):


You’ll have to stay tuned to see this…………..