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Monthly Archives: May 2011 Traffic and new stickers in the works


The last few days has been spent off the water and taking care of much needed revamping of Hopefully you guys will find it more organized and easier to navigate.  I opted for the nice clean white look instead of the dark tech, or even the messy grudged look.

All the content is still here like before but it should be a littler easier to find things. The contributor list, the popular subject as well as the most recent top 10 post can be found at the bottom of the page. You can also just click Latest Post and get to all the post in chronological order like before.

I added  the FACEBOOK fanpage link as well as traffic ranking link to

If you have not press the “liked” button on our fan page yet the button is bellow. (hint, hint)

Saltyshores is currently ranked 794,241 website in the world and 153,784 in the US. Not very impressive compare to freshwater website and so so when competing against many forums. However these ranking numbers makes Saltyshores the most popular Saltwater blog in Florida beating out many forums even. Hurray for!

Not that Alexa is accurate by any means, it is very inaccurate actually. However it is inaccurate for everyone. It is at least fair in that manner if that makes any sense at all. :)

Top 10 sites in the world, yes the ones making bank!








Windows Live



Regardless if you are curious about what your website rank go here and type in the url you might be surprised. By the way, it is free to use.

One more thing (amongst others) I have been working on these last few days (while everyone else is partying it up and this last holiday) is new Saltyshores stickers.

(btw: those of you that order stickers the last few weeks, I’m getting them all out tomorrow!)

Here are the first draft(or two) of the ones I have come up with. The idea is simple non complicated design that looks great on just about anything. The Salty Fly stickers turned out so well, I like the idea of the die cut mono color as well.

Here are the concept for Cobia, Tarpon and Sailfish. If you are interested in any other species shoot me an email at and I will see what I can come up with.



Florida Keys Tarpon on Fly Video

There is certainly nothing like watching a tarpon swimming in crystal clear water perk up to your fly, cross it’s eyes, and either sip, gulp, or garbage that clump of fur and feathers that your are breathing life into. I live for this stuff. Here’s a video my buddy Tony put together a couple of weeks ago using some of the footage we shot during one of our tarpon outtings.

Hope you enjoy!! The next chronicle report should close out my tarpon season here in the Keys.

Islamorada to Flamingo

Capt. Steven Tejera picked my wife and me up at the back steps of the Mitchell’s Key Villa in Islamorada, (neat place, by the way), and promptly set out for the 45 minute ride across Florida bay to Flamingo. At my request, the morning was set aside for Tarpon fishing but, unfortunately, the tarpon didn’t get the memo. Or maybe they did, depending on your perspective. By the afternoon,we ended up on a flat infested with trout and redfish with a few nice snook.
The wind had picked up considerably and I was dreading the ride back. I run a Maverick HPX-T back home in Texas and I have been in some rough chop, but I can tell you that Capt. Tejera’s Dolphin 16 ran considerably smoother than my Maverick. I was very impressed. Oh, and by the way, Steven does things in this boat that I would have never thought possible. The kid knows how to handle a boat.
Thanks for a great trip Steven!

50/50 goes Mahi fishing

You don’t see many bay boats trolling for Mahi here out of Port Canaveral because of the long run that has to be made to reach the depths where Mahi are, this day the 50/50 did. The 50/50 is a 22′ Pathfinder “Tournament Edition”, when the conditions are flat and the Mahi are running, we will make that run to go and get some. First we tried to troll about 25 miles out and got 2 knock downs landing one and losing the other, after hours of trolling with not alot of action, we headed to a bottom spot where we would drop jigs for grouper. Drifting along the structure we come across 2 Dolphin, a Bull and a Cow. Scrambling for baits to throw at them, I got the cow to eat a D.O.A TerrorEyz but after shortly coming unbuttoned we hook up again with a live threadfin that we sabiki’d earlier that morning. We kept the Cow in the water to keep the Bull hanging around but he wouldn’t eat any of our offerings. I then decided to grab my lighter rod with a lighter leader and tied on a smaller hook then put a lively threadfin on it. Once that that bait hit the water, the Bull jumped on it and started giving us a show. I hand the rod to Danny and raced for my camera to take some shots of the action.

Here is the fish caught earlier in the day while trolling…

After the Mahi action we decided to go look for some Cobia. Cobia fishing has definitely slowed down a bit but we did manage to catch 3 fish about 30lbs each.

-Capt. Willy Le

Playing with the Pets

I don’t know how it happened but somehow Mother Nature blessed me with a few nice weather days on my days off.  Wanting to take full advantage of the situation, the plan was to drop some pinfish traps then make a run out to some deeper water the next day.  I got a call from my friend, Capt. Jimmy Bennett, and he suggested we use his flats boat to deploy the traps then go target some snook and tarpon along the beach.  Finding the snook was easy, almost too easy, however getting them to bite was the challenge.  I have to say it’s a little frustrating seeing probably close to 100 snook and only a handful decide they wanted to chew.  The tarpon were just as bad, lock jaw and running for their lives.  Maybe they didn’t like the jet skis buzzing around them.

The next day we made a run out to some deeper water to play with the amberjacks, or my “pets” as I like to call them.  They were much more cooperative and photogenic.  No huge fish, just up to about 30lbs or so and I’m still kicking myself for forgetting to bring the fly rod.  Using the live pinfish as chummers brought the jacks right to the boat and they stayed there for hours.  The only thing that got them skittish was a big barracuda that decided to crash the party and get any easy meal.

Summer Fishing Pre Memorial Day Weekend


Tampa to the Keys has been the range the last couple weeks. I manage to capture some cool images during these hot days for summer. Actually they tell me summer isn’t even here yet. Temperature wise it has been in the low 90’s here in the bay area. So they definitely could have fooled me. Captions to follow.



Hot Pink Cobia

Had the pleasure to fish with renowned guide Capt. Scott Lum and Jessica Stern aboard the “Outcast” this week. You may have seen Capt. Scott on the recent episode of Addictive Fishing with Blair Wiggins and a couple recent episodes of Average Angler Adventures with Glen Pla. Scott is known for doing some pretty funny stuff on camera so look those episodes up and see for yourself.

Anyways, the Cobia are slowly thinning out but fish are still around to be caught. Alot of patience and covering alot of ground paid off for us when we ran upon an area with a couple rays loaded with Cobia….we even saw a few on a Leather Back turtle. Cobia can be picky at times, usually they will jump on anything thrown in their face but this day was a little unusual. They were not wanting to eat live bait or the usual Cobia jig, they wanted the Hot Pink D.O.A. Swimming Mullet! Most of the fish chased down livies and jigs but didn’t commit, but once they saw the Swimming Mullet, they engulfed it right away. The next day could be the opposite so make sure you keep multiple rods rigged with different baits, colors and sizes. The set up that I use for Cobia is a 7’6 Heavy action rod by TFO(Temple Fork Outfitters), a Shimano Spheros 8000FB loaded with 30lb Power Pro. The longer rod matched with braided line helps me make super long casts at rays so we don’t have to get too close to it causing it to spook and head for the bottom. You can pick all these items up at Harry Goodes Outdoor Shop in Melbourne if you are in the East Central area of FL. Tell Rich I sent ya!

We also saw a Tripletail on the way out that Jessica put her time in to entice the fish to eat…..good job Jess!

-Capt. Willy Le

Buff Water Gloves/Full Moon Goon

I had a chance to field test Buff’s new Water Gloves while flyfishing the Mosquito Lagoon with Eddie Oliveras. I have been using the Buff Fighting/Work gloves when poling the skiff around but using them for fishing can be tough because of the leather palms making it too thick and less sensitive. Buff now came out with a new thinner glove called the water glove…these gloves are extremely comfortable even when wet, when landing fish, it makes it easier because of the rubber palms making it “grippier” but yet soft so there is no harm done to the fish, the gloves are also UPF 50 so they keep your hands protected from ultraviolet rays. I have nothing but good things to say about Buff’s Water Gloves, I am very impressed with them and can’t wait to see what else they will come out with in the future for the fishing industry. Look out for these gloves to hit the store soon!

Most fisherman do not like to fish during full moon periods, I have heard that during a full moon, the fish feed all night and will be too full to eat the next day. Well, the last few full moons that Eddie and I have fished together have been unusually good including this past full moon that we had recently. Last time we fished a full moon it was the best Black Drum fishing that I have ever witnessed, this time it was the Redfish in Mosquito Lagoon. It could be that we have found a new unfished area. Due to higher water we were able to push the Maverick HPX-T over very shallow bars and into some really skinny creeks that are usually dry. These creeks led out to an open pond that was loaded with unspooky fish ready to eat anything in it’s path. This spot I call “Escondido”(which means “hidden” or “secret” in spanish) is like a totally different world once you get out of the high mangrove lined creek into the open area on the otherside, everything looks so different compared to the rest of the lagoon system, the water was a different color, the land was different, and it was filled with life. We lost count of how many fish we caught that day on the flyrods but it was in the double digits for sure. At one point we got a little tired of catching them on fly and threw D.O.A Baitbusters at them just to watch the fish chase it down and devour it right before our eyes. The fishing kinda reminded me of how Louisiana Redfishing can be, you can pop the fish in the head with your fly without the fish spooking and he will chase it down and eat it! This day was by far the best day flyfishing that I had ever witnessed in the Mosquito Lagoon. Soon the water level will be too low to get back there so I will have to wait until we get long periods of rain to get to fish “Escondido” again.

-Capt. Willy Le

Tarpon fishing at Boca Grande with the Ladies PTTS 2011 and time lapse video


Saturday I was down in Boca Grande while they had the Women’s pro tarpon tournament underway. I hopped on Capt. Justin Cauffman and put a time lapse camera on Capt. Chad Manning’s boat to capture some images.

The Tarpon season is full swing down in Boca and the bite as been good. The weather today was excellent with out a cloud in the sky. The boat I was on ended up hooking 4 fish and all but the last fish came unbutton one way or another.

This was ok however, because the last fish caught on the bottom of the 9th ended up weighing in at 208lbs. This edge out team Hooter’s boat that weigh in at 193lbs and won the 10,000.00 grand prize. I believe this was the first time I’ve been on a boat that actually landed at Tarpon over 200lbs.

This is 3 hours condensed into a 3 minute video.

Video Note: I used the Drift170hd with a suction cup mount to take photos every 5 second.

[amazon_image id=”B004L5AF4Q” link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth Action Camera with HD Recording, 4x Digital Zoom and 1.5-Inch LCD Screen (Black)[/amazon_image]

Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth Action Camera with HD Recording, 4x Digital Zoom and 1.5-Inch LCD Screen (Black)