Abel knife, product photography and Dry tortugas web cam


Photo tip of the day: Product Photography

Product photography is used by every company that anything they wish to sell. Most of the photos on the website have totally white background and no shadows. This makes it easy for clients to check out the product they are about to perhaps buy with out distractions. It is just a clean look that is universally accepted in showing a product.

Large items like cars and furniture might need a big studio to shoot properly but small items are pretty easy and inexpensive with the right tool.

What I like to use is a Photo Tent. It’s basically a popup that diffuses the light as to not create any harsh shadows. This makes it perfect for items you want put up on craigslist, ebay or maybe you have a online store. They range form the small $20 all the way to hundreds of dollars for the really really big tents.

Here is a shot of a Gold Abel knife. I shot it today using just defused sunlight. The knife is awesome looking and the white background makes it look even cooler like it’s floating in space.

For best results I suggest a tripod. With good lighting, a point and shoot will work nicely as well for product photography. This shot here was shot on my Sony NEX w/ the kit lens.


If you are looking into doing some product photography it’s definitely worth the $30-$40 bucks to get the diffused light effect.

CowboyStudio 30″ Photo Soft Box Light Tent Cube – 4 Chroma Key BackdropsPhoto Studio Shooting Tents)


This is a very cool webcam. It is an underwater web came located at the Dry Tortuga. The Dry Tortuga is the most remote National Park in the united states. It is 70 miles west of Key West, an island the middle of the ocean. It’s actually amazing how they can stream this video 24/7 as they do. If you are looking this at night obviously it will be blank. Check it out during the day and you’ll see some cool stuff. I did a few screen capture over the last couple days of some tarpon swimming by.

I find the best time of day to check it out is around 3pm til sunset.