Top water lure fishing with the Spook Jr, an old classic


Today I got out for a few hours with my old friend Edwin. Though we have talked a few times about getting out it seems like the timing has not been right for us to hit the water together.

Though the conditions was not the greatest with the winds at 15mph + for most of the day, we decided to give it a go regardless. 6:30am I was at the ramp and bump into another old friend I use to mountain bike with. He was taking his kid out kayak fishing that morning so I had a chance to BS a little before Edwin showed up.

When Edwin showed up with his Gheenoe it definitely brought back some memories. My old boat was a Gheenoe and I definitely had some good fishing out of that craft.  We loaded the little boat up and decided to stay close due the weather conditions. Overcast skies, windy and incoming tide it wasn’t hard to make that decision really.

With the limited time, I only brought one rod and reel with me. First I went to my old reliable Gold Rush Doa Cal but after a couple cast I decided to change things up a bit. It has been forever since I have caught a fish on a top water. I asked Edwin if I could borrow a top water from his box. He had a few but immediately grabbed one of my all time favorite top water lure, the Super Spook JR.

The Super spook has been around forever and it is still around today. You can find it in pretty much every tackle store in town and for good reasons, it works! Though they come in a myriad of colors my favorites have always been, red head, red fish, silver, and bone. Though he only had the trout colors I figured it would worked just as good.

Edwin decided to use his confidence lure the “Flurry” and Jig head combo.

We started off catching a couple trout on the jigs as the water starts to come in. As the water got higher and higher the mullet were getting very active. We caught trout first and then small reds. After that the bigger reds started to eat. By 9:30 we had already already caught a dozen redfish and a more trout. Though Edwin got more eats on the jigs the average size of the topwater fish was definitely larger.

I decided to stick with Super Spook jr. all day and I have to say it paid off for me. We worked some pot holes and I had a large explosion on my lure. After what was an excellent fight I landed my largest snook of the year at about 30″ on the top water.

I have to say it was all down hill from there. We had few more eats but they kept on coming unbutton for whatever reason. We packed it up at about 11:30am and called it a good day with an old friend.

Photo notes: All shots taken with Sony NEX in Aperture mode ant 16mm lens at f/2.8.  The snook shot was shot in -1.3 compensation as to not to over expose the fish.

Also tested out the waterproof bag for the Sony NEX. It will work with just about any camera that fits the bag.  I used the 16mm lens and did not have any vignetting issues.

DiCAPac WPH10 Waterproof Case.