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Back in 1999 I worked at a core surf/skate shop across the street from UCF which is still there and now owned by …LOST called Catalyst. If there was a new product out in the industry, that shop was one of few to be able to carry the product. At one point, that was the only place you could buy Redbull energy drink back when energy drinks were not even out yet…infact, I think that the Redbull & Vodka was invented right there in the shop! We were also one of the few shops to carry Sanuk Sandals. I remember getting a free sample pair from the rep at the time, they were just like regular flip flops but what made them so different was that it was made out of inner tubes and green indoor/outdoor carpet. They were the most comfortable pair of flip flops I’ve ever owned! What made me a true fan of Sanuk is that their products are funky, unique, and fun to wear, hence the name SANUK which means “FUN” in Thai.

Today, Sanuk is a full blown sandal company. You can pretty much find them in most local surf shops, sandal shops, and some outdoor shops. Sanuks have brought their products to the next level these days, they don’t just make sandals but very comfortable slip-on type shoes as well (they don’t want you to call them shoes, they are still sandals!) What made me want to wear Sanuks for fishing or guiding is the insoles in some of the slip-on models. They are made of a Super Soft, High Rebound, Molded EVA Footbed featuring AEGIS Antimicrobial additive which is great on my back after long days of standing/poling and best of all the AEGIS Antimicrobial additive prevents odor! I don’t wear socks with these and to this day there is no odor coming from these “not shoes” unlike other brands of shoes that I have owned in the past. Another thing I like about some models of Sanuk “not shoes” are the grippy rubber outsoles that they use. There were times when I’ve slipped on the poling platform when leaning hard into the pushpole to get in front of a school of fast moving Redfish and almost fell off due to slick soles on some other shoes I have worn. I feel more confident and safe when on the poling platform in a pair of Sanuks. They also have a big selection of womens sandals which some are made out of actual Yoga mats!

Just recently, my friend Bryan Hewittson who is a professional surfer and rep for Sanuk, joined me on the water to talk about Sanuk and the boating/fishing industry(and tug on a fish or two while we were out there). We talked about my ideas and what I could do to help promote Sanuk in the fishing/boating industry. I got a few new pairs of Sanuks that I wanted to test out on the poling platform or deck of a boat. One of the models “The Shore Leave” actually looks like the typical boat shoe but with a little more funk to it. So far, that is the most comfortable and grippy “not shoe” that I have ever worn on a boat. I am happily satisfied with Sanuks whether it be on the boat guiding all day or just hanging out around town, these sandals are very stylish and “superfunktional”! Seeing the Sanuk “smiley face logo puts me in a good mood, and with a slogan like “Smile….pass it on!” how can you not be? Visit Sanuk at

Shore Leave in Latte

Shunami in Black/Gum

Holy Moly in Moss

Standard Issue in Camo

Rubber Dubs


Sanuk Hat

Another cool thing about Sanuk is that they make a Welcome Mat that works great on the boat. Before I used towels to make people wipe the dirt and mud off of their shoes before the hopped on the boat but now I have a sweet Sanuk mat made out of tough material, easy to store, and I can just rinse it clean after each trip!

-Capt. Willy Le



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