Pompano Jigging, HD GPS trolling motor test, bridge fishing


It always amazes me how some lure just withstood the test of time. One of those is the just plain ole pompano jig. In reality it is nothing more than a hook surrounded by lead and some paint. Basically a weighted hook. This weighted hook for whatever reason sure consistently catch fish in deep water day in and day out for as long as I can remember.

Today my friend Lee and I went out and did some bridge fishing. Our target was pompano which requires a lot of casting and moving from piling to piling. This was also a perfect chance to me to test my GPS trolling motor by Rhodan Marine.

I’ve had this unit for a a couple months but never really got a chance to use it in ideal conditions. Today we used the GPS function all day. We would move to a piling press anchor and we would stay there within a couple feet as long as we wanted. We them move on to the next piling, anchor and do it again. This method was crazy effective as the boat would just hover there and us work the lure without worrying about our position or tossing an anchor. There was also residual benefits I really haven’t though of as well. Like retying after getting broken off or just plain unhooking bye catch like lady fish(there were lots of these guys).

We used the pompano jig to work the piling moving piling to piling. We did catch a few pompano and a ton of lady fish today. The pompano unfortunately all were too small to keep but it was fun none the less. The most interesting part of the day was hooking on to these large black drum on light weight rods intended for pompano.

We packed it in about noon as we were tired of catching lady fish. Did I mention we caught lots of lady fish? The dehooker came in very handy today.

Today we tested the latest gadget the gps trolling motor and the old reliable pompano jig. Quite the contrast in technology level. A hook with painted lead vs the unit that get it’s signal from space and they worked quite well together.

My buddy Lee was very quite impressed with the concept of worry free GPS trolling motor fishing. The anchoring worked well even with the current one way and the wind going the opposite way today. The next test for the GPS trolling motor will be the memory tracking. This is when you record a route at your fishing spot and when you come back you recall it and the trolling motor does the rest for you. Mangrove line, no motor zone, pot holes etc.