More Port Canaveral Cobia action

This past week I’ve been concentrating on the Cobia action while it’s still somewhat hot. There are plenty of fish to be seen but the hard part is getting them to eat. There’s not one particular bait that they will key on right now. One day they will eat jigs and not touch a live baitfish or even a jumbo shrimp, the next day will be the opposite, then the next day they will not eat either and will not even give you a chance to make a cast at them. I started treating them like Mosquito Lagoon Redfish recently and that seemed to work. Getting in front of the fish as far as you can make a cast and working the jig away from them has been working good lately. The fish are not liking boats on top of them like they were a month ago, and they sure don’t like 3 or 4 jigs or baits bombing them all at the same time….take turns casting at the fish, if he doesn’t eat, the next person cast and so on. I’ve seen plenty of boats doing that on one fish, next thing you know the fish has a giant headache and goes under. Also, keep your eyes peeled while you are eating lunch floating on the water….you may find some Tripltail float right up to the boat waiting for a fly, D.O.A. shrimp or even a jig intended for Cobia to pounce on like this tasty one below.

-Capt. Willy Le



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