My biggest Snook at 43″ on an artificial using 8lb test braid


Back what seem like an eternity ago, I was fishing out of a used Gheenoe I found listed on one of the forums. This was a little tiny boat with a 25hp tiller attached. At the price of about $2500.00 for boat motor and trailer, it wasn’t the most luxurious boat in the world but it got me there. Sure it had its limitations but it was simple and it worked for what I wanted it to do.

This day my friend Brian Epperson and I decided to head to the east coat to find new fishing grounds(for us any ways). I really didn’t know anyone back then so we just sort of picked up and started driving one morning. We ended up at Sebastian and found a local launch. Our strategy was really pretty simple. It consisted of running around and blind casting in areas we thought looked fishy. Our catch was not much to speak of at just a few small trout and a couple rat reds. We did however drifter over some monster trout that for whatever reason, did not want to feed that day.

The afternoon came and and we started our run to another area. We ran over a pod of red fish coming in on the tide. Despite being ran over, these fish amazingly still ate our lures. We landed a few nice upper slot red fish in the 25-26″ range. All the sudden I hooked up to something a little larger. Brian, with much better eyes than I, immediately said I had a big snook on. I refused to believe him at first but it not take long to convince me otherwise when she came up and shook her head.

Admittedly, I was very nervous as this was going to be my largest snook ever. On the west coast a large snook was a prize and my largest one so far had been 38″. This snook we had on looked much bigger.

Using 8lb braid and 30lb leader I realized I really couldn’t horse the fish boat side. I decided to lighten the drag up and fight the fish til she tires. Lucky for us the fish was hooked on the open flats and had no structure to run to. After about 8 minutes, which is a quite a long time for a snook fight we finally landed the largest snook of my life at about 43″.

We giggle like little school girls.

This was the fall of 2006, I had a helmet camera and was on the cutting edge even back then 🙂