Kayak Mothership trip with Capt. Jimmy Nelson of Extreme Fishing Adventures

Recently I had the pleasure of fishing with Cameron Ripple and Capt. Jimmy Nelson who is the host of Extreme Fishing Adventures.

Jimmy and I had talked about doing this trip for a while; stars aligned, schedules were cleared, the weather was perfect, and Mike Wior of The Collective Tattoo added the finishing touches that made this trip possible.

We met up with Jimmy at the marina at 7 am, gassed up, and headed out; A few hours later we were hooked up to fish 70 miles offshore.  The game plan was to stop at a few reefs and do vertical jigging.  We used Hookher flutter jigs which worked like a charm.

Here are the pics:






Cam dropped a flutter jig down to see if there were any reef donkeys around.  The answer was obvious.



And cam was stoked





Jimmy got in on the action



We got the cameras ready



The kayaks went in the water



The bite was on (Mike T doesn’t mess around)







Mike hooked up



And got pulled around



Back and forth



The grouper showed up







Peace out




On our last stop we hooked a hog fish while jigging; time to bring out the spear gun