Fly Line Tamer: Carbon Marine’s Line Lair by Colby Hane


Carbon Marine’s new line taming device called “Line Lair” got a video test today by me and Capt. Colby Hane. The winds was not too bad today at only about 5-10mph. We will have to test it out on tougher conditions.

The device is basically a rubber mat with spikes on it. The spikes keeps fly line to stay on the boat as well as preventing tangles, if it gets too windy. The product is very portable and floats. You can can fold it or roll it up for easy storage.

Normally you would use stripping bucket to control your fly fly line. That however can be bulky and difficult to control at times. Not to mention the transportation issue.

The Line Lair offers a simple alternative to a stripping basket especially if you are limited on room on your skiff.