Enrico Puglisi Fly Tying Demonstrations @ Flyshop of Miami, 4/15/11


This Friday evening , Enrico Puglisi will be in the Miami store to demonstrate how he makes those super realistic flies . Using his unique materials , Enrico will show you how to make those productive crab , shrimp , and baitfish patterns that everyone talks about . He will show you how he uses the various EP brushes and fibers . Don’t miss this one , great for all tiers of all experience levels . Even if you are just starting , you will be amazed at how easy they are to tie using his materials .


Event Info
The Fly Shop of Miami
8243 S Dixie Hwy
Miami , FL 33143
Friday, April 15, 2011
6PM ’til 8PM


I’ve found that watching every fly tier use his/her different methods have added ideas to my arsenal of flies.  Every fly that most of us have created has been influenced by watching someone else tie their pattern their way using different types of fly tying material.  Lots of us use EP fibers to tie toads, minnows, kwans, merkins, etc…  These fibers have become the benchmark of crabby body materials.  Enrico Puglisi will be at the Fly Shop of Miami this Friday to demonstrate how he uses his fibers to tie these tasty looking masterpeices.  This should be a cool experience… come and check it out, steal some ideas, and tie your own creations with a little more inspiration!!