East Coast fishing with Capt. Scott Lum, Cobia and Kingfish


Yesterday I made the dive over to the east coast to fish with Scott Lum. We were fishing with Patrick Sebile today. Since the forecast was calling for 2-5mph winds we made the trip offshore to find some king fish on the Sebile.

We caught a few king fish but with the slick calm conditions using lures was a bit slow.  We set up a troll but most of the strikes just came from casting the plugs out and reeling it erratically. We tried anchoring and chumming them in. They were all around the boat but very shy. Lots of follows but on commitments.

With Willy on the tower we ran spotted a pod of monster jacks and even those guys were finicky today. They would make a chase the lure but no takers which is quite frustrating. We continue to work our way back checking out bait pods for any forms of life. We ran into a pair of Cobias and had a few follows but no go. We tried throwing a cobia jig then a pogy nada. uuuuugh!

I have to say the fishing was great as we saw a bunch of fish. ( I was in the water and saw tons of kings) The catching fish part however was definitely lacking.

Thanks Scott & Willy.. had a great time hanging out. Will have to get back soon.

Cobia caught on previous trip with Scott on the Hogy Lure 14″ Blamber

Willy on the Tower Duty

Willy Le on the look out and Scott’s lucky T-REX

Bucket of Trebles = one big mess for Patrick