Cobia Recipe by Phil, Quick and easy cobia recipe


So today I was in a bind. I had fresh cobia in the fridge that Capt. Scott Lum hooked me up with the other day. I do not cook very well so I put the word out that I need a quick and easy recipe. I had some suggestions pretty quick but many required stuff I do not have like a grill for one.

When I was in Destin Fl a couple years ago I remember my friend Phil cooking up our fresh cobia that was pretty darn good. Not only was it good but it was ridiculously easy to make. Yep right down my ally.

I gave Phil a call and he stepped me right through it. Thanks Phil, it turned out great!

All I needed was:

  • Cobia sliced into 1/2 inch slices
  • Olive Oil
  • salt/pepper
  • garlic power
  • butter
  • non stick pan.
  1. drizzle olive oil on cobia slices, seasoned.
  2. Put heat on high
  3. cook fish spice side down
  4. when you turn it over cook with a little butter on it and you’re done.

So easy even I can do it!