LCD screen for the Gopro cameras and Eye of mine underwater housing fix, go pro shark cam


Gopro is by far the most successful POV camera that has ever came out. It is deserving of this title because it is an excellent product. It is very compact, footage is great for small camera, battery last 2 hours plus, tough as can be, shoot 5mp still, record videos to 1080p, time laps, tons of mounting options and water proof to over 100 feet. All this for about $300.00.

However it is not with out faults. My main complaint about the camera has aways been, the sound is terrible(because of the underwater housing), you can not see what you’re recording because of the lack of viewing screen, and when you video underwater the focus is thrown off.

This year Gopro have came out with a LCD attachment accessory. You can see what you are recording and you can even play it back. The menus are a lot easier to understand as well. Installation of a upgraded firmware is required. The upgrade is pretty easy and it is also free.

Eye of mine is a 3rd party accessory maker that came out with a fix for the gopro. They basically modify the port to take out the curve screen making it flat, there for fixing the focusing issue.

On the video bellow you see them clipping it on to sharks. It works great! If you do a lot of underwater video,Eye of mine housing is worth the upgrade.

Today we got in the gopro LCD screen as well as the Eye of mine housing. We got a couple of these for an upcoming project we are working on. Here is Josh explaining the installation.