“Avet Reels, Tarpon Fishing”

April 28, 2011

Tarpon season has started off with a lot of “ohhfers”…..(like 0 for 9…) But the good news is being weekend warriors, we are 0-9 on fly! As the fish flood the beaches and flats hopefully […]

2011 Destin Cobia Fishing, part 2

April 24, 2011

Traditionally, late April in northwest Florida signals the best time to target cobia.  Not only are the fish migrating in large quantities, but it is usually when the biggest fish pass through the area on […]

SANUK Sandals

April 24, 2011

Back in 1999 I worked at a core surf/skate shop across the street from UCF which is still there and now owned by …LOST called Catalyst. If there was a new product out in the […]

Belly Crawlers

April 21, 2011

Fellow local charter captain, Graham Hegamyer ( www.southerntailcharters.com ), snapped some great photos this week of a group of mud-bellied redfish. We see some extremely low tides during the spring full moon phases. These fish […]

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