IGFA banquet timelapse video and 1,000 fish species, Steve Wozniak


While attending the IGFA banquet this past Saturday I met a gentleman by the name of Steve Wozniak. No, not the guy who owns a big chunk of Apple computer. Though that would have been pretty cool. This Steve Wozniak as the distinction of catching over 1,000 species on hook and line.

Steve tells me he works for a software compliance company. He never knows where he is going to be in the world at any given week. He tells me after the work has been done he stays a couple extra day to get some fishing in before he has to leave. Very cool job, at least this is what it appears like anyways. 🙂

Steve chronicles his travels and adventures on his blog.


IGFA time lapse note: The two angles were shot using 2 cameras, a goprohd and a drift hd170. The pan and zoom was done using Sony Vegas 10 in post. Time lapse was done with Quicktime Pro