Buff water gloves, New for 2011 preview/review


New Buff water gloves:

Buff came out with a fishing/outdoor glove last year. The glove is fingerless with UPF 50 sun protection. The palm, wrist and fingers were padded with leather material for durability, traction and extra protection. Though it was well received by most, a few people wanted something lighter.

For 2011 Buff has came out with the “Water Glove”. It too is UPF 50 and fingerless. The material is lighter and gone are the leather padding on the palm and fingers. Buff added tacky rubber material to palm and small amount to the finger section of the glove. There remains a strip of leather on the wrist. This adds durability for when you pull on the gloves when you take it on and off.

The concept for this glove is to be light weight and versatile. It is more of a quick dry, water sport glove. Made for outdoors man like fisherman, kayaking, water skiers etc.

I got my hands on a prototype today and it looks and feel pretty nice. It was comfortable, breathes really well. They tell me it will be finalized this month and should be available here quickly.

Update: 5.16.2011

  • We tried them out on the Dry Tortuga fishing/camping/kayaking trip this month.¬† We were out there for 4 days and 3 nights. so it definitely got some good usage. To me here are the improvements¬† over their previous gloves:
  • -No leather = better feel while fishing. Fly fisherman complained about lack of feel on the last glove.
  • -No leather = when it gets wet it dries a ton faster.
  • Makes handling fish easy and comfortable enough to wear all day and not noticed having them on. The only time I took them off was when I had to use my DSLR.
  • Works great while paddling. The glove had a nice grippy feel to them yet was thin and comfy.
  • Light weight enough so I could crunch them up and stick it in my pocket.