Warm Weather + Howler Bro.’s Clothing

Gone are the days of wearing jackets, jeans, and hoodies…hopefully.  Gone are the days of sitting in a creek in the Everglades to catch 50 undersized redfish…hopefully.  And gone are the arctic blasts that keep our warm weather fish from being happy…hopefully.

It is really starting to feel like the warmer weather starting to set in.  My 2 favorite species to target on a fly rod are starting to find this favorable and fishing has certainly been pretty good when the stars lined up.  As the warmth really starts to settle in, the sight of dark water will soon be replaced by bright torquise hues, green backed figures, and spiked up fins.  The early season stuff is fun, but I can’t wait to get to the meat and potatoes.

Speaking of warm weather… I got a couple of technical fishing shirts from Howler Bro.’s the other day and have been wearing them during these warm days on the water.  I can honestly say that I have found the most comfortable fishing shirt on the market that I’ve worn so far.   The  unmistakable monkey brand is definitely cool and made unique from everything else on the market.  These are definitely premium clothes, that are comfortable to wear, and make a statement about the fly fishing and surfing lifestyle.   Check it out… www.howlerbros.com

Pictured: Howler Bro's Loggerhead shirt and Monkey mesh hat, Nautilus NV G9 Fly Reel, G Loomis NRX Fly rod