A Fishing Guide’s Best Friend… Spotted Tail Outdoors RMS

Booking trips, keeping records of dates, keeping a client database, doing your taxes, and the time to do it all between multiple straight days on the water… it can be pretty overwhelming for a fishing guide to do all these things at once and keep an organized papertrail.  The old system of pen, notebook, and calendar works as does a scheduling book, but we live in a world today where technology offers us the ability to save time and make organization simpler. 

Fishing guide, Accountant, and computer wiz; Andy Parker has created a software to help us fishing guides run our fishing charter business and manage all this information that can be a hassle to manage if you spend the majority of your days fishing and then have to deal with everything else to prepare for the next day that evening. 

This software is the Spotted Tail Outdoors Reservations Management System (RMS).  The simple to use RMS software allows you to organize and book all your fishing trips in a simple to use program that is backed up to ensure that your info entered is not lost.  I have been using this software for a while now and it has made if very easy for me to keep track of my charter business.  Everything I need to run my business is in the software… scheduling, databases, confirmation emails, etc…  They are currently offering a free trial run so fishing guides should definitely take advantage of this and check it out themselves.  This has definitely saved me a ton of time in my busy life. 

Go to www.spottedtailoutdoors.com for all the detailed information and to sign up for the free trial run.

Screen shot of the RMS Software