Fishing with Professional Surfer Bryan Hewitson

Bryan Hewitson aka “Hewy” is the biggest closet fisherman I know! He plays it off like he don’t know what he’s doing, but the dude has an eagle eye for fish and can cast on a dime! Our target was Cobia this day since everyones been slamming the Cobia left and right. Well, it was one of those day where “you shoulda been there yesterday”. Conditions were sloppy and the fish were no where to be seen. We did however, get into a nice Triple Tail and a school of giant breeder Redfish that were blasting bait on the surface and taking anything you throw in there. After Bryan caught the first one which was pushing 35lbs or more, we snapped some photos, released her and went back to the school again where we all hooked up on jigs that were intended for Cobia. It was chaos for a bit but well worth it, we all ended up catching our biggest redfish in our lives!

A little interview with the closet fisherman…




Of course I was out there today with another group of people, and the conditions were perfect and 5 Cobia were caught!

-Capt. Willy Le



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