Dunking my IPAD into the ocean, watershed waterproof ipad bag test


I bump into Joe of Carbon Marine a couple nights ago. He had with him the new waterproof IPAD bag from Watershed. He tells me they are the bomb and he is going to start stocking them in his shop.

Since I am on the water a bunch as well as a suck for electronic, I’m always looking for good waterproof storage. I have definitely ruin my fair share of gadgets and phones by getting them wet. In other words, this was right down my alley.

He tells me Watershed makes military grade waterproof gear and that I needed to check it out. He tells me all the touch screen functions worked and it has a water tight seal with out having to roll the bag up.  After hearing that, it was no surprised the bag looks pretty well constructed. The label even says it was made in the USA. I decided to buy the one he had to give it a try. I told him if my IPAD gets wet while I’m using that bag, he owes me a new ipad.

When I was fishing yesterday I decided to give it real world test. With out a dry run, I stuck the IPAD into the bag and dunked it several times. I must say, it worked quite well. The unique way it seal was also cool. I’ve have never seen that before but it worked pretty darn good.

Speaking of waterproof bags, my Pelican case I use to carry all my camera gear around works great while on a boat, but it’s very cumbersome at times to carry around. Looking at the watershed website it looks like they have a couple kits I could use for this purpose.

So far I’m pretty happy with the quality and function of the IPAD setup.  Hope their waterproof camera kit works just as well.