Flexi Stripper, stripping basket/belt, Kayak fly fishing stripping belt


Saltwater fly fisherman are always looking for ways to tame their lines. When it’s windy out the fly line always seem to find some place snag on. Usually this happens at the most inopportune time. More often than not it is when you see a prized game fish or worst yet you hooked one and the lines is snagged and you break off.

There has been many inventions like baskets, buckets, mats, belts to help fix this issue. They all work quite well and like boat hulls they all have weaknesses.

A company out of Australia is selling a product called Flexi-Stripper. This looks like a belt with complete with a spiky platform. The concept is the spike catches and control fly lines. It can be worn on the waist or attached to your leg.

When I was fishing with Quintin Hall he had one with him and I got a chance to try it out. I have to say for such a simple concept it works quite well. It was light weight, easy to store.

When I got home I wanted to buy one so I could use it in my Kayak fly fishing and windy days. I was sadden to find out that it was not available in the states.

This was the only link I could find that was selling the Flexi-Stripper