Cramped quarters Flamingo redfish on fly video clip, new entry page


Some of you might have noticed but many have not. I made a new splash entry page for Saltyshores yesterday. Looking at statistics more and more people are using their “mobile” devices to catch up on what is going on. I made the buttons easier to get to, a little more organized and hopefully more pleasing to the eye.

I don’t quite remember why I have not put this clip up but here it is. I think I wanted to make it more full length but I headed in different direction with the Baby Tarpon video.

Honson(Benzo), Captain Frank and I was in the Keys chasing bonefish in the morning. When that did not quite work out for us we headed to Flamingo to look for some red fish. The fish were finicky that day in clear water and we had a bunch of refusals.

When we found them in this not so clear muddy bottom it was quite a different story. I got this one really nice take on fly and an interesting battle ensued.