Finally some fun fishing, Tampa bay inshore


Ok so Saturday, the day of the big full moon I decided to do a little fun fishing with my neighbor Hank. For the first time in a long time I didn’t bring much in gear with me. Just my rods, a bag with some plastics and the Sony Nex in case we caught something. We took his path finder all the way from Apollobeach to the sky way looking for some active Spanish Mackerel to catch on fly.

It’s crazy when you those things are all over the place I ignore them. Now that I’m looking for them we did not even see a single pod busting the surface. We looked for birds diving nothing. We did see someone fighting a Tarpon at the Sunshine skyway however. Though the tarpon was not thick, they are definitely starting to come out of their winter haunts.

With the mackerel mission failed we looked to get into some inshore species. We whipped out the DOA CAL in gold rush color and once again it did not fail us. The fish wasn’t big but they were definitely fun. We snapped a few shots of the fish we caught and was back at home by noon.

That night I got some good shot of the big moon that was rising. My concept was to have a person fly fishing in front of the big moon to get a killer silhouette shot. That or a bikini girl that is. We’ll I have to tell ya, neither of those plans quite panned out for me. lol

Here is a shot I improvised. With a little help from technology, I combined two shots so you can see what concept I’m talking about. I might have try this with an orange sunrise or sunset as well very soon.