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If you ever want to do something and looking for a way to save a couple bucks check out

Goupon is a coupon based website. It’s not all hacked up and cheesy like many of the one’s I’ve seen out there. The coupon is also local to your area as well.

This is not a search for generic coupon and put them up kind of a website. They actually go make the deals specifically for this website. So far the savings has been pretty impress at 50% off most event.

The few I have seen(only been on it for 2 days) has been to local events and tours but I’m sure there are others.


Small fly gadget that might work as very useful gift for the fly fisherman in your family comes from
The item is called “THE FISH FIGHTER USA Mini-Fly Clip“. It’s basically a hat saver. Many times when a pack is not handy we stick the fly in our hats. Not only is does this ruin your head wear but many times it is a pain in the @ass to get the fly out. The Mini fly clip is basically a clip with a fly box foam attached to it.

It is PVC based so it will not corrode or sink in saltwater. Not a world changer, but could be handy if you find yourself decorating your hat with flies way too often.

They sent me a couple I will be trying out here hopefully soon. I will also be sending them out to a lucky Saltyshores newsletter subscribers as well.


In a cool march madness theme, Cheecky Fly fishing is currently running a pick your species tournament.

Here are the prize sponsors

* Cheeky Fly Fishing Swag
* Fishpond Dakota Carry-On Rod and Reel Case
* Manhattan Fly 6 Hour In-Shore Charter
* Mud Dog Saltwater Flies and Box
* Jim Teeny Professional Series 11 wt. Fly Line
* Jim Teeny Night Line 10 wt. Fly Line
* Fishage Rockhopper Chest Pack
* Free Fly Fishing Apparel
* Montana Fly Fishing Accessories
* The Fly Shop Mad River 8 wt. Fly Rod and S4La Reel
* Skinny Water Culture Fly Fishing Apparel

Another reminder if you’ve missed it. A Fly Section will be added on to this year’s Crosthwait fishing tournament.

28th Annual Crosthwait Fishing Tournament
May 13 – 15, 2011

It’s a based on points system depending on the species you catch.
$150.00 per team
Here is the link to the rules