Stand N Fish Kayak Pontoon System Time Lapse


Kayak fishing has many benefits but it also  has some pit falls as well.  One of the main issue with kayak fishing is the inability to stand up and fish comfortably.(except in a Pro Angler)  The issue was kinda sorta solved when people started to add pontoon systems on their paddle craft. This however, cause more issues like portability, slowing your paddling down etc.

The Stand N Fish pontoon system has address many of these issues. It retracts for easier paddling. It breaks down easily for better transport. Since the guy who invented the unit fishes saltwater it is completely anodized and built for the saltwater. It also comes with the leaning post to allow for rigging station, rod holders, stake out system, cup holders to be installed.

In order for me to sight fish and fly fish I really wanted to stand up in my kayak. I decided the Stand N Fish  was the best system for my Hobie Revolution I got a few weeks ago. The Hobie has the mobility system to get to where I want to fish especially in No Motor Zones. When I get there I deploy the pontoon so I can stand and fish. Not to mention if I want to take photos and videos in NMZ areas as well.

With the exception of the T-bar, it comes off completely within a minute.  If I feel I won’t be doing much standing up I don’t have to bring it.

I told my friend Josh(Owns a Tork) about it and he was all over it.  So when I was picking mine up from the install he got his install as well.I took the opportunity to do a time lapse of the install. It takes about an hour to do the install while we were at lunch.