Bohemian 17 skiff photos, test run with a Yamaha 70


After the Miami Boat show debut of the Bohemian 17 Skiff in February, Saltyshores got bombarded with traffic from people doing Google Searches for the boat. Since we were one the first to write about the skiff late last year we were very relevant in Google’s point of view. There is definitely a small buzz going around and the traffic searches shows.

With a unique step bottom hull design completely from scratched the skiff perks a lot of curiosity. The people behind it has been in the boat building industry for quite some time. The competition might not feel the same way but to me it is quite refreshing to see new or at least interesting ideas and concepts in new boats. Besides competition is always good for the consumers.

These are shots I took yesterday of the boat while I was down there doing the first run. The photos will be used on their upcoming website.

Conditions 10-15 mph with one foot chop.

With a 70 hp Yahama 4 stroke, so far Max speed with 2 people 41-43 mhp on gps depending on wind direction. With 3 people I believe it was 38 Mph. I think they need a new prop, it wasn’t blowing at all at top trim, so it might get a few mph faster.

First Thoughts: The first skiff (that I’ve ridden in) I feel that do not need trim tabs.  We didn’t use them at all. No Porpoising. Getting on plane was quite easy.

Poles well, spins easy, tracks good, now I just need to actually fish out of it to test the other variables. 🙂