Fly fishing for Amberjack and American Red Snapper


It has been pretty windy here in Tampa for what seems like an eternity.  March is know for it’s winds as winter dies down so this is not a surprised by any means. Still being fisherman, it is our job that we complain about the winds.

The stars aligned this past weekend. The winds died down and  everyone was free of their obligations. Besides we had some new gear to test. The Terez needed to broken as well as everyone’s 12 wt fly combo.

Day light savings time screwed up my alarm clock so waking up 30 minutes late did not help the cause. It being a Sunday 5:30am in the morning, traffic was a non issue for the 1.5 hour drive to the marina where Jay’s boat was stored.

With one to two foot seas the Bluewater made the ride out quite comfortably. Our first spot was an under water cave and it didn’t take long to get fish coming over the side of the boat. Unfortunately for us Grouper and Snapper was out of season and they all went back.

It was time however to break out he fly rod to see if we can get these guys on fly. These fish were deep so I had to add extra weight to line. Once it got close to bottom I did not have any issue hooking up withe feathers. We landed a few fish this way but decided to head out a little further to get them on top of the water column.

10miles later once we arrived they were every where. Eddie and I frantically ran up to the bow and started casting away. A double hook up didn’t take long. We were fighting AJ’s on our fly a first for the both of us. After a couple of fish Jay got a couple, then Rich.

We packed it in early and headed home in calm seas. It was a fun a fun day and a beautiful chamber of commerce day. Not o mention I got to fish some this time. 🙂

Short Clips of the AJ on top chasing a popper so you can see how easy it was.