Nautilus FWX reels, New for 2011


One of the most popular fly reels of 2011 is the Nautilus FWX reels. While I was down in Miami picking up the trophies for the Salty fly I got a chance to talk to Kristen Mustad for a bit. Besides doing a full factory tour interview we got this quick bit about all the features  of the FWX reels. Kristen tells me that the FWX has been their best seller this year so far. All the shops I know of that carries this reel is back ordered for 2 weeks or more.

I will be putting together a video of the full factory tour here soon. Man that place was freakin noisy! Lots of background machine noises but it came out alright. A voice over would have been much better but what the heck. I shot it on the Sony Nex which was easy and worked out nicely.