Lefty comes to town – the fish go bonkers

Georgetown, SC had the pleasure of hosting Lefty Kreh for a couple of days this weekend. Without a doubt, it was one of my favorite events on record. There was some local interest in setting up a private fly-casting clinic so my friend Heather Templeton called her God-Father, Lefty Kreh and told him to get on a plane. This was my first chance to spend time with Lefty since my friend Perry Peace introduced me to his casting principles a few years ago. He was even more charismatic than I expected – what an awesome guy. Of course it is great to see how effortlessly he can cast a perfect loop, but the most impressive thing was to see the way Lefty can teach others to cast a perfect loop. The private casting clinic was hosted on Saturday at a historic Lowcountry Plantation called Ricehope. The 15 guys that signed-up got to experience something very special. I watched as all of them improved their fly-casting within a very short amount of time. On Sunday, Lefty stopped by our local tackle shop, Pawleys Island Outdoors, for a casting demonstration and book signing. An overwhelming crowd showed!

My friend , Newman Weaver (www.gtownkingfisher.com), and I had been getting excited about a potential opportunity to get Lefty on the water this weekend. At the last minute Lefty had to pass – his schedule for the weekend didn’t leave him any time to relax. Fortunately, we were able to fill Lefty’s spot with our friend Kent Edmonds (Temple Fork Outfitters). Historically, March is not the best month for sight fishing in our marsh but today was special. The redfish were still in large schools, but were finally riding high in the water column and chewing small shrimp and glass minnows. We got to watch fish flare gills and vacuum our flies over and over again. Thank God our fish seem to be making the transition out of the winter funk. Come on Summer!

Probably my favorite moment of the weekend – Lefty entertaining my 7 month old daughter Addie. Lefty and I both agree that she will probably be out-casting daddy pretty soon.