Magical Mosquito Lagoon

Wow, what a great day on the water with Eddie Oliveras and his wife Germi on their BT Skiff! Redfish ranging from 10-30lbs were schooled up tightly and were very hungry! Any fly or artificial would have caught these fish, 3 were boated, had lots of eats, and a few were broken off. On one fish, I had Germi hold the flyrod while I untangled a knot in the flyline. Since she already had the rod in her hands and in fighting position, I let her finish the battle after I got the line untangled. The fish took several long runs into the backing while I was telling her to let go of the handle and keep your knuckles clear, Germi did a GREAT job fighting the fish for the first time ever even holding a flyrod in her hands! About 15 minutes later we boated a beautiful 9-10lb Mosquito Lagoon Redfish!

Eddies fish

My fish

Mosquito Lagoon is a magical place and can spark romance from time to time…

It took a while to find the fish, but when we finally did, we stayed on the school for at least an hour or two and could have stayed on them all day but we were happy with what we got and called it a good day! Thanks guys for the invite!!!!

-Capt. Willy Le



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