Tampa Bay Frank Sargeant Show

Every year I look forward to the Frank Sergeant Show in Tampa.  Its a time where you get to see whats new, talk with different vendors and learn more about products.  Another plus is that I bump into friends from time to time, some that I see regularly and others not so much.

Attendance appeared to be down a little, but nevertheless,there was plenty to see.


One booth that was busy every time I walked by was TFO.  I feel like they have done such a good job offering a great value, excellent customer service, and quality product; its no surprise.



I found Mike Wior there from The Collective, he was checking out the 7’6 heavy power fast action rod as a light tarpon rod.



After a chatting with Guy about the rod, we headed to the booth next door to pick one up.


There were a couple new things at the show, but for the most part, nothing I had not seen before.

One of the products I am excited about is the new improvements on the Wang Anchor which now will have a steel tip which is awesome.


Dale was there looking over the Operation Still Waters booth.  He is a great friend and one of the nicest people I know.

Not suprisingly, SWC had a bunch of new microfibers which I think look pretty awesome.  Im definitely picking up the tarpon shirt.



I dont know if Hoggy has had these for a while but I thought they were pretty cool.  I don’t think a cobia would hesitate in gobbling one up, I will have to pick some up soon.


Here is one thing I saw that surprised me:

Never thought I would see the day