Lefty Kreh reacts to a Bob Hewes video, March 11 Tampa, Fl Outdoor expo


Today I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Lefty Kreh, one of Fly fishing’s legend. He was down here for the 2011 Tampa Outdoor Expo.

Richard and I met up with Lefty at the Hilton where he was staying. I chose to do the interview at the hotel instead of the expo so we could have a different feel and less noise.

One of the coolest part of the interview was when I showed Lefty the video of the late Bob Hewes. Lefty and Bob were the best of friends. Last June Bob passed away due to illness. I believe this was one of Bob’s last public appearance.

In the video Bob is telling a candid story about one of their many interesting fishing trip.

I have many more footage that I will break up into multiple parts. Though this video doesn’t show much of his skills, Lefty is an awesome story teller and a plethora of fly fishing knowledge.