New ride and Kayak fishing, Hobie Revo, Stand-n-Fish Pontoon system


Though I mainly fish out of boats the last few years due to amount of gear I normally carry, I’ve had some cool Kayaks in the past.  I’ve owned Hobie Outback, Tarpon 140, Redfish,and even the full fiberglass South African import Kaskazi Pelican. I’ve sold them all or traded them away but there’s always as lure about kayak fishing that boats can not seem to completely replaced.  The low cost, freedom of the launch, the stealth factor, and the solitude of it all.

A couple days ago I picked up my new ride from Economy Tackle down in Sarasota, Fl.  I decided to go with the Hobie Revo. The peddle system for me was a must have. It’s very little hassle compare to the benefit of hands free fishing. Not to mention, the speed, the range, and the ability to fish deep water efficiently.  I know there are motorized kayaks out there but that is even more hassle. Plus with a trolling motor on board you still can not get into pole and troll zones.

The thought of getting the Pro Angler had crossed my mind because I wanted the storage and stability but the concept of lugging a small 130lb vessel around just kills it for me.  I decided to go with is the Stand-n-Fish. I believe this is the best system if a person wants to stabilize his kayak, plus get the ability to stand and fly fish.

The system is well thought out, made for saltwater, quick assembly, and the ability to remotely lift the pontoon system up for better paddling. I believe with this combo, it would make No Motor Zone fishing over the top. You could use the peddle to get there very efficiently compare to poling or paddling a canoes.  And once you get there you can stand and sight fish which you would not be able to do with most kayak. Well at least for most of us that no long posses the cat like reflexes of a  20 year old. 🙂

I believe it fits 99% of sit on top kayaks so my Revo shouldn’t be an issue.  I can’t wait to use it on the beach for Tarpon, King Fish and perhaps a little east coast offshore action.


My New Bling Bling business card.

Fished with Cameron and Spencer yesterday.  We caught a few reds and a bunch of trout.  We were wading so didn’t have any photos of the fish. Jason Stock joined us for lunch at Salty Dogs down in Sarasota afterward.

Photo note: deceptively tough shot. Expose for the subject the background get’s blown out. Expose for the back ground the subject is too dark.  This was done using 2 exposure and combining the two photos and still the poles were blown out.