Carbon Marine Line Lair, Steel Tipped Wang Anchor, Salty Fly Micro fibers shirts, new design from SWC


I was over at the Tampa Outdoor expo while everyone was setting up for this weekend’s event. I was there to drop off some DVD’s I made for Redzone and Captain Lori Deaton. I will be there Friday and Saturday walking around aimlessly. 🙂

I had a chance to do a quick preview of the people I bumped in to.

Skinnywater Culture now has their new micro fibers out. Smoking Permit and the redfish was the ones I saw.  I believe they are are now dye sublimated instead of screen printed making them more breathable.

Speaking of shirts, Redzone was setting up and they are carrying the Salty Fly micro fibers there.  $5 off if you have wear your Redzone shirt plus they just got in RZ hats and visors.

This show also debut the new Steel Tipped Wang Anchor as well. You guys saw it on here in December but they were not yet available. Well, they are now in full production, available at the show and the best part is that they are the same price.!


Another new item that will be at the show for the first time is the Carbon Marine Fly line tamer called “Carbon marine Line Lair”.

This soft rubber mat with spikes is suppose to tame the line from falling off the boat and allow the fly line stay to stay untangled. This is a great concept. It takes out having to carry a bulky stripping basket and gives you more room to strip the line. Not to mention how easy to store and travel with this item. I will definitely have to give this little gadget a try.

He has them over at the Tampa Outdoor Expo show priced at $99 to $149 depending on color.