Gearing up for the Cobia Run!

It’s that time of year again for the Spring Cobia run! They are out there as we speak free swimming in pods and hanging around Manta rays that migrate north this time of year. There were a couple days where conditions were great to head out in search of these tasty brown fish but now we are experiencing rough seas and high winds. The only thing us smaller boat guys can do is prepare and wait. While I wait, I like to make sure my reels are working properly, re-spool my reels if needed, have plenty of lures and jigs in stock, and tie plenty of fly variations.

-My spin reel of choice is the Spheros 8000 by Shimano, affordable and dependable. These reels can really take some abuse and are an excellent choice for charter captains to stock up on!

-Spooled on the Spheros is 300 yards of 30lb Power Pro braid. Sometimes Cobia will take you around some structure and that braid will really increase your chances of landing the fish opposed to using mono.

-The rod I use is Gary Loomis’s signature series by Temple Fork Outfitters. It’s 7’6 Heavy action rod with a fast tip to make those longer casts if needed along with plenty of backbone for lifting power.

-Lures of choice are the D.O.A swimming mullet, the D.O.A. BFL and of course everybodys favorite, a bright colored nylon jig with a bright colored plastic grub tail(and they will hardly shy away from a live baitfish or jumbo shrimp)

-For fly gear I use a Nautilus NV 11/12 reel and TFO Ticr 12wt rod spooled with 300yards of 30lb backing and Jim Teeny “Bruce Chard Tarpon line” The Nautilus NV’s drag can really crank down on these fish when needed. Since Cobia are not too shy, I just use straight 60lb mono leader 5-6ft in length. Shorter leaders will help turn those heavier flies over a lot easier.

-The flies I tied shown in the photo mimic a Cobia jig. I will aslo use big baitfish patterns or natural eel patterns using a 5″ black bunny strip with palmered white/natural hackle or marabou and heavy dumbell eyes. Sometimes Cobia are tired of seeing bright flies/lures so try natural colors if that happens.

If you would like to book a trip and target Cobia with me in a 22′ Pathfinder Tournament Edition, now is good time while they are here! Call me at 321-303-7805 or shoot me an email at You can also find me on facebook!

Hope to get on the water with you soon!
-Capt. Willy Le



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