Tampa Outdoor Expo 2011 use to be called Frank Seargent Outdoor Expo 2011


This weekend(Friday March 4th to Sunday March 06 2011) the largest, and probably best outdoor show I have been to in west coast Florida will held at the fairgrounds. Like I always say, if you go to one outdoors show in the Tampa area make it this one.

Many of people that you hear me talk about and see on here will be there. People like Flint Creek Outfitters, SWC, Redzone, Breathe Like a Fish, Eastcape, Bohemian Boats and many more will there.

Remember Friday is free from 1pm-8pm but you still have the $5.00 parking.

I will be walking around there just chit chatting and may be do a couple interview on something I find interesting. If want a Saltyshores sticker for free, feel free to introduce yourself. If I can get a hold of more Salty Fly Stickers I will bring them as well.

I asked the question on FB last night, to see who was going and got almost 40 responses.  I’m thinking it will be well attended.


Open Date:

Fri, Mar 04, 2011

Close Date:

Sun, Mar 06, 2011

Florida Expo Park State Fairgrounds
4800 U.S. Highway 301 North
Tampa, FL 33610
Fri. 1pm-8pm, Sat. 10am-7pm, Sun. 11am-5pm