Golden One Project

March 31, 2011

3.31.2011 I got this footage while down in Panama this last Christmas. I’ve been working on a cool trailer for it. Here’s what I got so far. Related posts: 3F Adventures video pilot project 10.31.2011 […]

Buff water gloves, New for 2011 preview/review

March 30, 2011

3.30.2011 New Buff water gloves: Buff came out with a fishing/outdoor glove last year. The glove is fingerless with UPF 50 sun protection. The palm, wrist and fingers were padded with leather material for durability, […]

Taking Advantage

March 30, 2011

The other day I was browsing WalMart fishing supplies while I was waiting for my oil to be changed. Some how I managed to blow a bunch of money on fishing gear in the process. […]

Warm Weather + Howler Bro.’s Clothing

March 28, 2011

Gone are the days of wearing jackets, jeans, and hoodies…hopefully.  Gone are the days of sitting in a creek in the Everglades to catch 50 undersized redfish…hopefully.  And gone are the arctic blasts that keep our […]

Big Trout Fishing with Brett Norris

March 27, 2011

3.27.2011 Even though I only had a few hours of sleep after getting back from the IGFA banquet last night(8 hours round trip) I wanted to go fishing today. Captain Brett Norris tells me he […]

Satori permit video by Worldangling

March 27, 2011

3.27.2011 This year’s Worldangling submission is their permit video named “Satori” which means “is a Japanese Buddhist term for enlightenment that literally means “understanding”. I was down at the IGFA for the world record banquet […]

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