Pure fishing buys Sebile lures

February 11, 2011

2.11.2011 As you guys probably know Sebile lures has been very cool with us at Saltyshores.  I was kind of surprised to learn that a couple days a go when I read that Pure fishing […]

Backyard visitors

February 11, 2011

Just a few shots of the recent visitors that are frequenting my backyard: Related posts: American Fly Fishing Trade Association coming to New Orleans August 18 – 20, 2011, Salty Fly 2012 7.21.2011 This is […]

Rain Video using the Nikon D7000

February 11, 2011

2.11.2011 Last week I sold my Canon 7D and used the cash to buy the Nikon D7000. I use all Nikon gear, until I got interested in shooting video with a DSLR. For videos, Canon […]

“Spring On Its Way”

February 10, 2011

The Mulberry trees are starting to bud and grow their leaves back, Poinciana’s are now coming back and growing new leaves. The Persian Lime trees are also starting to bud! Milder cold fronts are the […]

Power Pole VS Talon video

February 8, 2011

2.8.2011 Power Pole VS Talon Video There is a video going around lately on youtube that is stirring up the pot especially in the shallow water anchor world. The video is of a guy showing […]

Sight-Fishing Carolina Redfish

February 7, 2011

I had the opportunity to ride down to Charleston yesterday and fish with friends Tucker Blythe ( www.greyghostcharters.com )& Guitou Feuillebois. We fished an area Tucker had been scouting about an hour south of Charleston. The weather […]

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