Salty Fly 2011 tournament Results


The First annual Salty Fly tournament has passed.  Salty Fly is the largest Fly Only tournament in Florida with 45(43 fished it) teams (we even capped it off it would have been more)

The event could not have turned out better. From my point of view, it went much more smoothly than I could have hoped.

Everyone at the tournament was enthusiastic and was having a great time at the weight in. We had 100 people at the weight in as friends and family joined the fun.

We had some great comments and feedback:

“Thanks for putting on a much needed event.”

“Best tournament I’ve ever been in bar none..”

“..I don’t usually fish tournament but this one was a must do..”

We had guys come from all over Florida to fish the Salty Fly. The prize however, for the longest travel was Team Cheeky which came from Boston MA and Colorado.

Thanks to all our sponsors, everyone that came out to fish, helped with tournament, take photos, raffles, and for the weight in.

I will be working on the 2012 Salty Fly soon. If you are interested in sponsoring next year’s tournament please contact me


Lots more photos to come but for now here are a couple images and the results.

6am Captain’s meeting, most teams were there early.

A new Salty Fly tradition, the Flavor Flav Nautilus Trophie/medallion look.


Congrats to top 3 team: To read more details please visit Florida Fly Fishing Magazine

First place winners, with 73” caught from their canoe, were the justifiably pleased Chris Ravelo and Nicholas Feldts, team Native Revolution, from New Port Richey and Tampa.

Fred McClendon with his son-in-law, Marcus Dean as team Hurrah were participating in only their second tournament out of their Carolina Skiff. Their 72” of catch caught them a very impressive second in the tournament.

Rich and Jeff of team RamRod were 3rd place with a two redfish and single trout combined length of 70”.