Learning saltwater fly fishing from the ground up with Scott Swartz of Florida Fly Fishing School


Salty shores is all about all types of fishing and the life style of it all. Lately, since I’m running this fly tournament fly fishing has been on the brain.

I figured it would be a good time to do small write up about learning how to fly fish. Specifically Salt water fly fishing.

While doing the Matlacha video I met Scott Swartz. He runs an small and intimate school called Florida Fly Fishing School down in Pine Island Florida. Being somewhat of a beginner/intermediate fly fisherman myself, I asked if I could come and check it out when he has his next one.

Last month I got to go check it out for myself and shot a little video interview while I was there. The classes were held in Matlacha Florida, a small fishing village surrounded by some excellent flats fishing waters pretty much year round.

The small classroom was filled with all kinds of fly gear. From old antique to the latest and greatest gear. Most of the people there varied from all walks of life. You had vacationers from up north. You had freshwater fly fisherman wanting to do more saltwater fly fishing. Spin fisherman that has seen on the fly fishing films as well as guides that wanted to start guiding fly trips.

The class is aimed at the beginning to intermediate fly fisherman and I must say it was very thorough. Scott goes over everything from rod selection, tippet explanation, common knots, and of course the casting concepts. Let’s put it this way, I can’t thing of anything that he did not go over.

The class is kept small and intimate, which is cool as you can get lots of one on one instruction. A very relax feel with lots of slides and visual aids.

The 2nd day was spent outdoor actually casting the fly rod. The rods were provided and all the students learned to cast from the ground up. Those that were already casting, like me, was helped getting flaws out of our casting strokes. This allows me to be more accurate and get the ability to analyze my mistakes.

If you want a running start to saltwater fly fishing it’s definitely worth a look into.

Video note: This video was shot on the Sony Nex and the Sony ECMSST1 microphone.