The Groundhog’s shadow is gone… bye bye Old fart Winter + Shimano Terez Waxwing test!!!

As I write this, I am finishing the last few flies and packing up for my trip over to Tampa tomorrow morning to fish the Salty Fly Tournament.  I’m torn between staying in town during my busman’s holiday and tugging on giant poons, big bonefish, and slob permit, but the largest fly fishing tournament and best comraderie awaits over on the west coast.  So with that said, I will leave you all with dreams for the weekend…

It probably isn’t any secret anymore, but look out on my facebook account for “Tis the season 2011”.   Life’s all about those giant sardines. 

What else could create giant holes in the ocean so gracefully...

#1 of 2011, guesstimate 140lbs


one of the "smaller ones" that sucked down a fly


Airborne with DOA Baitbuster in lips


Versatility is a must when fishing in my home waters in the Everglades.  We can be poling down a shoreline looking for laid up tarpon in the morning, then running the Minnkota up one the many creeks that dot the gulf coast afterwards skipping soft plastics under branches.  My new Maverick Mirage 18 HPX-V continues to impress me with this feat every day and is still without a doubt still the most versatile skiff in it’s class.

During a recent charter, we spent the morning tossing DOA Baitbusters at giant tarpon and after tugging on a few, we changed the pace of things a little and took the new Shimano Terez rods out for some light tackle backcountry fishing.  We disected the roots of every mangrove tree, tossing shrimp tipped jigs and DOA CALs into the danger zone and pulling on some redfish and snook.  The Shimano Terez Waxwing rod handles this very well an casts these light weight lures with good distance and accuracy.  On this trip, we fished the medium action Terez Waxwing.  The rod has a softer tip that allows for increased sensitivity and ease of casting lighter lures but a stout butt section for pulling big fish away from snags.  The new Fuji K guides were remarkable.  You can definitely tell the difference in how the power pro flows with less resistance out of the new tangle free guides on these Terez rods.  I will definitely be replacing a few more of my backcountry rods with these new Terez Waxwing spinning rods. 


a morning of tarpon tug-of-war and afternoon of over 40 redfish

This is only the beginning… stay tuned!!!