A couple days with DOA, Snook, Black Drum


Saturday, I got my friend Hank to get out and fish with me for a few hours. Besides trying to scout around for some fish for the Salty Fly, we ran into a pod of Black drum roaming the flats. We hooked 4-5 on DOA Cal Shad tail but only manage to land one for the photo. I pulled out the fly rod to give it a go and got an eat on the third cast. We fought the beast for 15minutes only to have it come off 15′ away from the boat.

The next day was spent on the River with my friend Brad snook fishing. He tossed the fly around while I stuck with the DOA Cal Shad tail. He hooked a couple but could not manage to land one. I hooked about 8 of them and got a couple to the boat. Lots of snags to be had and I sure took advantage of it. I probably lost 8 jig heads to the logs. uuugh!