Bohemian 17 flats skiff


I just got back form the Miami Boat show 2011 today. I didn’t stay very long as I had to get back and try to finish up all the things I had to do form the Salty Fly tournament next weekend(Feb 26th).

As you have probably read on here in recent months there’s a new boat company making a 17′ skiff called the Bohemian 17. I finally saw the finished product this weekend at the Miami show.

I shot a few shots of the boat and will be putting them up here soon.

The boat looked very nice with some small things here and there to make the lay out interesting. The main draw is the design of bottom of the boat. They tell me they are about 7 to 10 days from letting me check it out on a test ride. Hopefully that will answer some questions from many of the critics out there.

Looks, how “cool”, “Rad”, “Sick” are all personal preference. It just depends or much of the company cool aid they drank or how much of the hype they bought into.

I will with hold judgment until I actually have ridden in the boat. 🙂

Here’s a shot that had decent lighting I shot w/ the Sony. I did a quick photoshop edit taking out the distracting background.

Sorry too tired to put anymore photos. Will put up more tomorrow.