2011 Miami Boat Show, New Skiffs, Flats Flyer, Bohemian 17 and New Hellsbay Glades Skiff, Intrepid 557hp motor


Last month I put up a post about the Flatsflyer, the most radical concept in skiff I’ve seen in a long time.When I say “radical” I don’t mean, they make the spray rails bigger, or they painted 2 tone or even mix and match caps and hulls from their current line up. These guys started from scratch and came up with a 25 foot skiff.

I have to be honest,at first I thought, man this has to be a hoax. Even if it was real, a project like this couldn’t possibly get too much further than a sketch. After seeing the video and talking to Clint, one of the partners, for 30 minutes on the phone I have a feeling these guys are pretty serious.

After I put up the link to the website “FlatsFlyer” lots of people that read Saltyshores was pretty curious about the project. So much so that Flatsflyer.com was the #1 outgoing link on SS for the last 30 days.

I got an email from Clint morning informing me the new website has been updated with more specs and info. They also added a video interview of the chief designer as well.



Speaking of new skiffs. This week I will be heading out to the 2011 Miami Boat show. Besides the normal networking I do at these shows I love to see some new boats in person. I believe the completed Bohemian 17 will be there. Also I got an email last night form Hellsbay boatworks that they have redesign the ever popular Glades Skiff. I have fished this boat one time and I was pretty darn impressed on how nimble, stable and how skinny this boat got.

New Hells Bay Glades Skiff info.

Nothing to do with skiffs but I just saw the coolest looking outboard motor yesterday. Intrepid just came out with the most powerful outboard motor ever at 557hp! They will show it at the boat show as well. Yeah baby, there goes their carbon footprint explosion. 🙂