The best Underwater Fishing photograher I know, Marc Montocchio


I met Marc over at the Miami boat show in 2010. He was selling his artwork at one of the levels there at the show. I was just walking around and when I came to his booth I had to stop. The stuff he had up was just phenomenal. You know the shots I wish I would have taken. I was a bit jealous and didn’t have a problem saying it. Marc just didn’t get lucky every once in a while he continues to do great work on a consistent basis. You know you’re good when you have an entire room at the IGFA showing your work.

To top it off, the guy couldn’t be any nicer. He talked to me and David while we were oohing over his work for a bit. We asked questions and he would gladly answer them. Many photographers I know seems to be threaten when I ask questions but Marc didn’t have any issues with it at all.

Check his website / Blog out he does some awesome work.

In this video Marc gets attack by a pack of sharks… one of my worst fears when I’m out there swimming in the deep blue. You know, I jump in and there’s a 15′ Mako looking at me. Yikes!