Pure fishing buys Sebile lures


As you guys probably know Sebile lures has been very cool with us at Saltyshores.  I was kind of surprised to learn that a couple days a go when I read that Pure fishing bought Sebile lures. Since I can’t even think of a hard plastic lure that Pure fishing makes , this is probably a good move if they wish it be a dominant force in the hard plastic lure market. Sebile started in 2006 and has sold millions of lures all over the world. Patrick Sebile’s work-a-holic attitude has paid off well. Congrats Patrick you did great.

That being said hopefully Saltyshores will continue to get support from Sebile and perhaps added support form the rest of the brands.

Columbia, SC — Pure Fishing, Inc., a leading global provider of fishing tackle and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jarden Corporation, today announced that it has acquired substantially all of the assets of the Sebile fishing lure business from Sebile International SA and its subsidiaries, a global supplier of fresh and saltwater fishing lures marketed under the Sebile® brand name.